Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the very first thing that i bought for my hantaran kahwin is the Accurist Ladies Dress Watch from The Watch Hut with the price of £63 and 3 years warranty. perhaps not a favorable brand for some, but i am not a person who cares about branded stuff anyway. i simply love it cause it has a unique colour of rose that makes it different from the rest of the gold-and-silver watches in stores cool ..

we also went to London's Oxford Street last weekend to find other things for the hantaran. alhamdulillah we found what what we were looking for (apart from his cufflink). he bought a shirt from Next and shoe from Barrats while i got myself a pair of shoe and bag, both from Debenhams. i can't snap any picture of them since they are all with fahmi now, but i definitely will once i get the chance cool ...

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Anonymous said...

wah wah cik asmah sudah strike! barang antaran gitu >:D ko mmg kawen end of the year ni la ek? ko kawen kat uk ke weh? apsal barang antaran sume beli kat uk? bkn msia lagik murah?

uwaaah pakai spek mate itam lagik tuh. kalah mak datin hehehehehe